12 March 2014

Suitcase. 10 New Holiday Hotspots

I love travelling. I haven't done enough of it in my life... yet. Yet being the key word in that sentence.

There are so many amazing places around the world that I can't wait to travel to. Some we've all heard of: hawaii, greek islands, florida, london, hollywood, paris - these are the hotspots everyone knows... but what about all the other little-known places that are sure to have just as much on offer. In honour of these littler places I've compiled a list of 10 New Holiday Hotspots to visit this year. Better hop to it!

Hamner Springs, New Zealand

 This quaint little spa village sits amongst some of New Zealand's most awe inspiring mountains. Best known for its naturally occuring thermal pools, Hamner is also a haven of adventure and activity with plenty of hiking and biking trails. You can't go past this picturesque location with its beautiful clear water. I can just imagine lying in the warm pools with winter snow all around.

Cythera, Greece

One of Greece's often forgotten islands, Cythera is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. With beautiful beaches and spectacular Grecian architecture you can't go past this place for a summer holiday. There a many old villages on the island, each with their own incredible history. Little white houses sqeeze together in cobble stoned streets and cafes abound with delicious meals and wine.

Annercy, France

Sitting below the Rhone Aples and at the tip of a lake you'll find Annercy which has long been referred to as Alpine Venetia; in other words it's a bit like a mini venice in the mountains. Colourful historic homes butt up against each other with canals for roads in parts of the village. This place is truly beautiful with snow capped mountains all around in winter and the startling turquoise water of the lake.

Maine, USA

There are so many things that this little corner of America has to offer. Endless forests, wild ocean, world class cuisine (including fresh seafood straight off the boat!) and a stunning range of seasons. The little colonial towns that dot this area are straight out of a picture book. Plus it's a great place for moose spotting!

Budva, Montenegro

Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism with its many beaches and bay of islands, not to mention its abundance of historic monuments. This old town is often referred to as a treasure chest of cultural heritage with narrow steets, famous buildings and open squares. Also, just 10 minutes away you'll find Sveti Stefan; this beautiful old town was built on an island just off shore and is pretty much the postcard picture for Montenegro... Isn't it beautiful?!

Gdansk, Poland

Sitting on Poland's Baltic coast, Gdansk is said to have a truly unique atmosphere that sets it aside from all other European cities. The old town is full of charming architecture and historic cobblestoned streets and the history here dates back 1,000 years so there are plenty of museums and churches to explore. I just love how colourful it looks!

Lord Howe Island, Australia

I didn't even know this place existed until recently, turns out a volcano left this land behind many years ago off the coast of NSW. Named Australia's premier bird watching destination, Lord Howe is also an island haven for fishing, surfing, snorkelling and diving with stunning and expansive reefs just off shore.

Glacier National Park Montana, USA

Now if this isn't some of the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen then I don't know what is! Lying in the northern rockies, glacier national park is known for its rugged mountain peaks, turquoise water and abundant wildlife; particularly mountain goats and grizzly bears. There is so much land here to explore and you can complete each day with a glass of vino in your log cabin soaking in the spectacular views... Bliss.

Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Known as a "quieter Caribbean", the corn islands are a forgotten tropical paradise with all the appeal of their famous Caribbean neighbours minus the hustle and bustle of tourism. It was a haven for pirates in the 17th century but now it's largely a Creole fishing region with tourism only in its infancy. For those who love the water there are some great dive sites and those who prefer land there's plenty of lush jungle to explore. Get in now before everyone else hears about it!

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi reminds me of the island paradise in the movie The Beach, except hopefully there are no shark attacks or drug lords! This southern Thailand region's stunning image is largely thanks to the angular limestone karsts appearing from the water. Great for water cruising by yacht or canoe and the white sandy beaches make the perfect tanning bed.

Photos via Wikipedia Creative Commons