21 March 2014

One Day. Things I'm looking forward to

I've got a countdown app on my phone which I love to use to further inspire my excited-ness for upcoming things. I adore having things to look forward to! Usually I just have one or two events on there but it sure is looking chock-a-block right now, so I thought I ought to share it with you. Here's my countdown for the upcoming months... Three, two, one... go!

March 21st [i.e., today!!] - I'm off to Sydney for a girls trip. Myself and three friends [we are an awesome four-some] are reliving our girl's trip we had to Sydney in 08' - time hasn't flown at all [sigh]. So excited to explore the city; we are planning some lovely coastal walks during the day, a spot of shopping and of course plenty of partying at night. Sydney get ready.

April 17th - I'm spending the Easter long weekend in Melbourne with my Dad and we are planning to explore the Great Ocean Road. Really looking forward to seeing this beautiful coastal stretch as it's somewhere I've never visited before. We plan on making our way up to Warrnambool before slowy heading back. If you've got any tips on this neck of the woods feel free to share.

May 25th - A very important day of the year; my birthday! Haven't got a plan yet but needless to say there will be friends, family, the latest fashions and plenty of bubbles involved.

May 29th - QT's Gold Coast Fashion Week is on and I can't wait to see the latest fashions hit the runway. There are some great events on at this year's festival, you can read about them all in my post here.

7th July - Well I've saved the best til last! On the 7th I arrive in "Gay Paris" [you've got to say it with a French accent]. So excited to explore more of this beautiful city for the second time. I'll be there for a week before spending a further two weeks exploring the rest of what France has to offer; Loire Valley, Lyon, Annercy, Provence, St Tropez, Nice, Monaco. If you've been to this part of the world, I'd love to hear your suggestions

There are so many things I have to look forward to; life's pretty great. What's currently on your countdown list?

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons.