3 February 2014

Suitcase. Top Glamping Destinations

I've never really been a fan of camping, in fact, in my 23 years on this earth I have managed to avoid it altogether. The idea of wrestling with tent poles, virtually sleeping on the ground and having an open door policy for all manner of bugs and creepy crawlies really turns me off.

But... I think I might have found a way for me to enjoy this so-called 'necessary past-time' [with a little bit of adjustment]... Allow me to introduce you to glamping! Let's be honest, it really isn't anything like camping; these luxurious sites are in a whole different league... I love it!

Here are my top four picks for being 'at one with nature' without the discomfort.

Priory Bay Hotel - UK
I bet when you think glamping/camping, England doesn't immediately come to mind, but I must say this is one of my favourites! Sure you can't lie around and sunbake in the chilly weather but it's a good opportunity for some forest adventure-ing and perhaps a spot of fishing. Plus with interiors like these who could complain? From $340/night.

Sandat Tents - Indonesia
This is Bali's first glamping resort, situated just outside Ubud. There are five luxury tents which each have an infinity pool [bonus!]. The interior is decorated with an elegantly styled beach-chic feel making it a great alternative to your regular beach getaway. From $220/night.

Kasbah Tamadot - Morroco
This campsite belongs to Sir Richard Branson so it's got to be good! Just looking at the images makes me want to jump on a plane. These tents feature king-size beds, private jacuzzi's and stunning views of the Atlas mountains. From $1,000/night.

Mahali Mzuri - Kenya
Another one of Sir Richard's sites, here, there are 12 safari tents on the Motorogi Conservancy where elephants, lions and giraffe roam; perhaps they might like to join you for breakfast on your private balcony. From $1,200/night.

Photos courtesy of the glamping resorts.