12 February 2014

Style It. Monochrome

Ahh my favourite colour palette; black and white. How can you go wrong? Super chic and sleek and slimming to boot! Whilst I do occasionally love to dress with a pop of colour, you will most often find me in the basic shades; they suit everyone, you're guaranteed to look stylish and it's less likely that people will remember exactly what you wore (so you can avoid those "oh you wore that to Sarah's birthday" moments).

 Jacket by Forever New, Jeans by Bebe, Cami by Review and Watch by Michael Kors

I'm so in love with this jacket, it's one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It's got a slightly longer length which is great for creating a longer, slimmer silhouette. I can wear it with cuffed sleeves and open or with straight arms and done up for a more corporate look.

What are your favourite styles and colours to wear?

Photos by Krissie.