5 March 2013

One Day. 5 random facts for March

I’m linking up with The Style Hatch today and sharing 5 random facts for March. I think it’s a great idea because I love to read weird and wacky things about life and other people, trouble is the interesting things are always the most difficult to think of. Here goes…

  1. I love to eat frozen bread. I’m such a carb fiend and love all kinds of bread but I really I don’t know where this came from. Probably stemmed from when I was young and wanted a snack but couldn’t be bothered waiting for the bread to thaw or use the microwave. Now frozen bread is my go-to snack for when I’ve got the munchies, particularly in summer because it’s so cool and refreshing. Try it. I dare you.
  2. Did you know that in the average person’s lifetime you will walk the equivalent distance of going around the world’s equator 5 times! It sure does put travel into perspective. I'd like to think I'll do it 6 times, gotta stay above average!
  3. Finding Nemo is probably one of my favourite movies, top five. I love it so much that I can recite all 100 minutes of it, including Marlin and Dory’s conversation on the DVD menu screen. “I’ve always wanted to be in a film! You were in one, this one, Finding Nemo. No way I’d remember that!”
  4. When I smile my ears go up… quite noticeably… I like to think it’s cute.
  5. I have never seen a kangaroo in the wild, despite living in Australia. For all you non-Australians who think they are just hopping down Main Street all the time, it isn’t so.
Photo by Krissie.