13 March 2013

Suitcase. 7 ways to save at luxury hotels

If you read Travel [in] style then you’ll know that the world of lavish holidays is definitely my niche, trouble is it’s tricky to enjoy them since they're not very affordable. The sluggish economy and tough job market certainly hasn’t dampened our love affair with luxury resorts, it’s just made it all the more difficult to get there. Here’s 7 ways to trim the costs on your holiday so that you can live the high life without overspending.

Get online
When booking a holiday, the first port of call should be the internet. Whether it’s flights, accommodation or holiday packages you’re after, there are always deals to find online. Search across a multitude of sites so that you know when you’re getting a good deal, then either go ahead and book online or call up the airline, hotel, etc and try to get this deal over the phone, if you’re lucky your deal might sweeten even more.

Shop around for your travel insurance
I know, I know, insurance, shemurance, but you’ll find yourself in severe denial if anything ever did go wrong and you found yourself without it. I always get my insurance with 1Cover, I find their prices are the most competitive and all things considered it’s pretty cheap for some piece of mind.

Be flexible with your dates
If you’ve got your heart set on a particular resort, understand that the prices are volatile and subject to change based on the day of the week, the season and the occupancy. Prices can often fluctuate as much as hundreds of dollars from one night to the next so the key here is to do your research. When does the particular accommodation dip its prices; mid-week, winter, following a public holiday? You’ll find you can get a significantly better rate if you’re flexible with your dates, you might need to shift them a few days, weeks or even months, so have an open mind.

Watch the currency
Always consider the exchange rate, is it currently fluctuating or has it stayed the same for some time? If it’s going up and down try to plan your exchange for the ideal time when you’ll get the most return, likewise do this for when you return home. If you can, try to exchange your foreign money while you’re still in the foreign country, you’ll get more of your home currency that way as the exchange is always better.

Enjoy a big breakfast
Stock up at breakfast. Whenever I holiday I always try to get a package deal including breakfast. Normally you can get a buffet included for two people for a few extra $$’s per night. That way you can enjoy a yummy hot breakfast and hopefully sneak out a few snacks for later in the day to tide yourself over until dinner.

Settle for a basic view
Whilst it is great to have a spectacular ocean view is it really worth the extra 25% it often costs? If you’re anything like me you won’t be spending much time in your room anyway, and if you’re out and about each day you’ll have plenty of time to explore and see some beautiful views without paying extra for it.

Step away from the gift shop
Tourist souvenir stores have a huge mark-up so be sure to steer clear. But if you really want some ‘we-were-here’ memorabilia try the local grocery or dollar-stores instead.

Photo by Columbia Beach Resort.