6 February 2013

One Day. Working on yourself


If you read ‘Why is relaxing so stressful?’ then you will know that I’m not really one to enjoy leisurely days; I like to be busy. Which is why it’s so difficult, as February rolls around, to still find myself in a state of limbo, a flux. After graduating in December I’m currently waiting to hear back about some positions in New York after some interviews I had whilst over there late last year. Things are looking promising but I still don’t have the green light so until then I’m here, waiting.

I’ve gone through many phases so far. I’ve tried to keep myself frantically busy with social outings, trips to the beach (these have been few since the terrible weather) and shopping but as everyone else returns to uni or work my accompaniers have been dwindling... Then I turned to willing the days to go faster, which I quickly regretted as I’m not in a hurry to get any older. And now I find myself in stage where if I can’t work on a job then I figured I may as well work on myself!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been making a conscious effort to turn myself into a job. I’ve kicked my exercise regime up a notch (or several, since it was virtually non-existent before) by running everyday. I’m pleased to see that I’m getting better very quickly; fitness I knew you were never too far away. I’ve been reading an insane amount of books – hey, even romantic comedies can be educational on some level I’m sure. And now the latest thing I’ve started, and believe me no one is more surprised than myself, is painting! Me, Krissie, whose drawings previously extended to stick figures with triangular dresses. But you wouldn’t believe it, I actually think I’m kind of alright. I’ve been playing around with watercolours as you can see; my scenery pictures still need some work but it seems my forte is designer shoes, so perhaps I’ll just stick to that.

Photos by Krissie.