13 February 2013

One Day. Louis Vuitton Paper Dolls

Who didn’t love these when they were young? I had several sets for dressing Barbie and multiple Disney princesses.

Whilst we love being responsible, salary-earning, stylish-partying adults, sometimes it would be nice to revert to the good old days; where dressing up meant raiding mum’s closet, combing our hair and ensuring our party-companion Barbie was wearing her finest paper doll outfit.

Well thanks to Louis Vuitton, those retro paper dolls are making a comeback, and in some lust-worthy outfits. Four dolls are available each with various outfits to mix and match, including clothes and accessories, and although these designs are distinctly more high-end than our childhood counterparts I’m certainly not complaining.

The watercolour dolls and fashions have been penned by Australian fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess who, over the years, has illustrated for Chanel, Vogue and Neiman Marcus.

Download your set of paper dolls here and get styling. If anyone asks, I’m busy this afternoon.

Photos by Louis Vuitton.