29 August 2012

Suitcase. Travel Wishes.

As I previously mentioned, my Bucket things to do list is coming along! In fact I’m starting to think I will have to live until I’m about 200 years old in order to achieve everything I’ve listed so far. But what has really struck me about my list is how many of my desires involve travel. I knew it was always important to me but I’m not sure I realised the extent. When I got to listing the things I want to do it has emerged that over three quarters of them involve travel. Here are some examples:

Live in New York City
Visit Maldives
Gamble in Vegas
Kiss under the Eiffel Tower (cheesy I know!)
Go to the Ellen DeGeneres show
Visit Bora Bora
Eat at all the best pizza joints in NYC
Party in Cancun
Drive Route 66
Speak like a local in France (I’ve kind of already done this but I’d like another try!)
Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
Fly first class
See the Northern Lights
Ride a gondola in Venice
Visit Stonehenge
Travel through Europe
Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
Experience a white Christmas
Sail the Carribean
Travel through Italy

See what I mean? Looks like I’m going to need a rather expendable budget to achieve them all. Here’s hoping for a career with a great salary and some serious holiday time! How many of these are on your Bucket list?