22 August 2012

One Day. Train-ed Behaviour

After nearly three years of travelling to uni by train I have had plenty of time to indulge in one of my favourite activities – people watching. Over the years I have seen many things; some made me smile and some made me squirm. I have seen loved up couples with stars in their eyes – naww. I have seen a man who was covered in scabs and spent the entire trip picking them off and eating them – urgh! I saw a young fellow who carried out an entire hour conversation with his reflection – definitely giggle worthy, although rather concerning too… And most recently I saw the man pictured above – to me, his sleeping behaviour mimicked that of a jedi/yogi/grasshopper amalgamation.

What really gave me a laugh about this man though was not just his position but the way in which he got into it. Using the yellow bars, he hoisted himself up (not unlike a gymnast), pushed off, rotating in midair and flopped down on his back with his legs crossed up the window. It was rather a spectacle.

I find people really interesting to watch, so it’s things like this that make these train rides bearable for me. If there is an entertaining character around I have been known to pass the entire hour and ten minute trip by casually observing from beneath my sunglasses. I’ll put my iPod in my ears for show, but if there is an interesting conversation going on I’ll have it on mute. Hey, I spend an average of eight hours a week on public transport, so a girls gotta have some entertainment, right?

Photo by Krissie (I was very stealth)