19 July 2018

Suitcase. A Weekend In The Blue Mountains

Since there’s no Europe trip on the cards for me this year, Australia has had big shoes to fill as the destination to satisfy my wanderlust. Last weekend a new adventure was on the cards, a trip up into the picturesque region of the Blue Mountains.

Located about an hour and half’s drive west of Sydney’s CBD, a long weekend was the perfect opportunity to mix a little of the city’s bustling harbour with the quiet contemplation of the mountains. What more could you want in a mini-break?

After a whirlwind 24hours Sydneyside, it was time to drive up towards the mountains. The region is essentially divided into a north and south side with a valley in the middle. We decided to drive up via the northside through the quaint little towns of Bilpin and Mount Tomah. On this side of the valley you’ll find the region’s Botanical Gardens and the adjoining The Potager restaurant.

I highly recommend stopping in here for lunch. Its views out across the valley really are spectacular, promising a memorable pitstop. It was here I caught a true glimpse of why the region is called the Blue Mountains. There is a definite cobalt hue in the air and I was told it was due to the chemicals given off by the many eucalyptus trees in the area.

With the sun setting and the air cooling rapidly we completed our loop over to the southside of the region towards Blackheath where we were staying for the night at the very charming Parklands Country Garden & Lodges.

The rooms at Parklands are endearing little cottages each with a cosy fire and beautiful pitched ceilings. Essentially everything you want in a country retreat. We happily settled in with the crackling fire, a bottle of wine and a block of chocolate.

After the soundest sleep, that can only come from the quiet of the country, we woke to explore the grounds before heading off on some of the region’s many hikes and trails. Each winding walk offered breathtaking views, taking you across cliff edges, around rocky bends and beside flowing streams. From way up here you feel infinitely small as though in giant's country.

I’d highly recommend the trek to Wentworth Falls and of course you simply must catch a glimpse of the Three Sisters. Likewise if you’re around Blackheath at sunset then Govetts Leap is a beautiful view point. The magic of this region is in its charm, its quiet towns and its clean mountain air.

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Photos by Krissie.