4 March 2018

Suitcase. A Weekend In Wilson's Prom, Victoria

Last weekend it was time to escape the city. We were headed for greener landscapes and clearer water down at Wilson's Prom, 3hrs south-east of the city. Not being the camping type myself (I've successfully managed to reach the age of nearly 28 without having to spend a night in a tent!) we holed up at a friend's beautiful home in the hills behind Inverloch, ready to set off bright and early Saturday morning.

A bit like an outcrop on the coast of Victoria, Wilson's Prom is well-known for its untouched landscapes. From rugged mountains to pristine beaches, time has no concept here and neither does technology (the fact that areas of signal are few and far between, really does help you to switch off; a much-needed respite for a digital girl like myself).

Our adventure? We settled on a day trip. Up with the dawn to drive down to Tidal River where we set off for Sealers Cove. It was an hour into hiking the steep, rocky terrain that I realised I had signed myself up for a 19km roundtrip hike.

Too late to turn back now!...

Day-trippers headed in and out, whilst those hardcore adventure types marched ahead of us with heavy packs set to see them through a week or more. If you are planning on camping, make sure you do plenty of prep, once you're inside the Prom there's not much in the way of food or fresh water, so you really need to think ahead and carry all you need.

Our terrain varied from petrified wood forests across hilly expanses, to lush rainforests that sprinkled you with water as you passed through. There's even a impressive boardwalk through a wetlands section, which has to be longest I've ever seen. I can see why it's ranked one of the best walks in the state.

After nearly 3hours our efforts were rewarded. We emerged from the forest and popped out at Sealer's Cove; a place you really need to see for yourself.

A long stretch of beach sheltered by two impressive, mountainous headlands that create a cove. There's glinting blue water and golden, fine sand. It wasn't long before we dived straight in, relishing the cold water on our hot, sticky skin.

A quick rest, a bite to eat and we set off on the return trek dreaming of returning to the deep blue another day.

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Photos by Krissie.