23 July 2015

Style It. French Lessons

My recent trip to Paris only served to remind me just how much I love that city. I honestly I feel my spirit belongs there. Every time I visit I'm in raptures with the culture, the architecture, the language, the food and, of course, the fashion.

From Breton stripes to tailored blazers, pencil skirts and a good red lip, everyone knows that if sophisticated style is your thing, French-inspired looks are as chic as it gets. I've rounded up a few of my favourite Parisian-inspired styles to ensure you have total ‘It’ girl status.

Once you've embraced your new look, if you're here in London why not embrace a little French culture this side of the channel as well? La Boheme at ENO (English National Opera) will be starting its season later this year. Telling a story of love and tragedy [well it is the opera!] of four Parisians in 1830, I think it's the perfect dose of French culture with a side of music. And the bonus is ENO does all their operas in English - so you'll actually understand what they're saying!

La Boheme

Finally, to truly embrace your inner French self you need to indulge in some French food [of course!]. Here in London I recommend La Fromagerie for those cheese and nibbles lovers...

Le Gavroche if you like refined, high end dining...

And Maitre Choux for that essential sweet treat...

Et voila, your French lessons are complete!

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Photos via retailers, ENO and Pinterest.