7 June 2015

One Day. The 25-year-old's picnic - happy birthday to me

Well that's it. It's been nearly 2 weeks since my birthday so I can drag it out no longer [even though I'd like to try]. You've already read about my Switzerland adventures chapters 1 and 2, so here's a little glimpse at my birthday celebrations back in London the following weekend.

We set up in a park in Fulham with plenty of goodies and treats. My nearest and dearest all came to join me, as well as a few other wildlife guests too, who even took a swipe at some chips from my bowl. Cheeky.

Beautiful Soph bought me some Veuve which I popped immediately - of course! It's not a picnic without champagne...

Can't believe it was warm enough to actually wear shorts! Shirt here, shorts sold out but similar pairs here and here (2nd pair's a steal at only £8!)

You did good London, the sun was shining and it was 18 degrees, which by our standards is a heat wave. I think after a day in the sunshine with plenty of bubbles I almost had a little heat stroke. Almost.

Good tunes were played and great food was nibbled. Em made my amazing birthday cake which was literally. so. good. I'll be sure to get the recipe for you soon.

Happy birthday to me...

Photos by Krissie.