20 March 2015

One Day. Thank God It's Spring

So apparently being an Australian in the UK will make you sick. Literally. Believe me I should know, I've suffered through every cold and flu known to man, back to back since November. As soon as the weather got chilly, bang - sore throat, constant sneezing and deathly cough (I've been the girl people glance sideways at and shuffle away from for way. too. long.).

Last week I'd had it up to here. There is only so much soldiering on I can do so I took myself to see the doc.

As I have now learned, Aussies who are in the UK for their first winter might as well have a flu named after them; it's so common. "Oh yes another Aussie, you look very pale" she said to me. No kidding the sun virtually doesn't exist here and even when it does shine it hardly cuts through the Arctic breeze. "Your vitamin D levels are rock bottom." Again I blame your lack of sunshine. "I think you're run down and doing too much." Forgive me if I have a seize-the-day-you-only-live-once attitude. I've never been the kind of person to take a break.

Long story short I left with a list of vitamins as long as my arm and a countdown to today, because now it's official and all I can say is... thank god it's spring! I can already feel myself stirring from my wintery stupor - here's what I'm looking forward to...

Warmer weather. Duh. And with that comes longer days and warm weather holidays! If you’ve been a busy cultural-city-break-traveller this winter like me (phewf, sight-seeing is exhausting!) then never fear because it’s time to take a break. On a beach. Think sunshine and temperatures in the mid 20s. On my travel wish list: Spain, Greek Islands, Italian Coast, Tuscany, Croatia, Portugal…. You get the idea.

Lacy Delights. Check out these pretty new season arrivals from Adore Me in the perfect pastel spring shades. Whether you are wearing something pretty for yourself [ahem, single girls!] or some sexy lingerie for someone else, they’re sure to pack a feel-good punch. Everyone knows it’s what’s on the inside underneath that counts…

Flowers. I can't wait to whip out a pair of denim shorts (hello legs I knew you were there somewhere) and take a sunlit stroll through a flower-filled park. The daffodils are already popping up everywhere!

My Birthday. I get to have a springtime birthday for the first time this year! Having always been an autumn/broaching on winter baby (May 25), I'm pretty excited to do things the other way around.

Ice cream. I can’t wait to indulge in a one without chattering teeth! Tinkling music and crispy cones delight my fancy for the new season. Tastes like spring, smells like summer.

And finally... not being sick. See ya later winter.

Photos via Pinterest and courtesy of Adore Me.