11 August 2014

Suitcase. Monte Carlo, Monaco - Travel Guide

Money, money money. If I were to sum up Monaco in three words that would have to be it. This little place sure does pack a punch despite only being 2km squared. Yes that's right, as far as countries go, it's tiny. In this principality lives approximately 38,000 people, 99% of which I'm guessing are multi-millionaires. Monaco is renown for being home to the rich and famous; several F1 drivers live there, along with Novak Djokovic and former James Bond actor Roger Moore.

My experience in Monaco was simply in and out on a day trip because unless you have a pocket full of cash and a hefty credit card limit, a weekend there is really going to hurt your budget. But not to worry because I think you can easily see it all in a day. Start down by the coast and check out the infamous Monaco Casino and across the road is Hotel de Paris, this iconic accommodation has been featured in several movies including two James Bond films. Take a walk along F1's most famous [and spectacular] track before heading up to the Prince's Palace that was home to Grace Kelly.

Honestly, all you really need to get around Monte Carlo are you legs, the city is so small you can easily walk everywhere, although be warned as it's set on a hill you probably will suffer from burning thighs. If walking isn't your style there are a few buses that get around town and this might be handy if you want to visit the Prince's Palace of Monaco which is furthest from the city. In terms of reaching Monaco itself, you can easily get a train from Marseille, Cannes or Nice.

I didn't actually experience much of the food in Monaco although I can tell you I saw several cafes where a cappucino will set you back 15euros ($22); no joke. From what I've heard, restaurants in Monaco are top notch and the pick of them is probably Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse at Hotel de Paris, although I believe their meals come with a hefty price tag. Despite that, some locals from Nice did assure me that there are a couple of reasonably priced Italian places worth a visit - unfortunately I don't know their names.

This truly is a playground for the rich and famous and somewhere to splash your cash, perhaps save it for your golden years because you won't need the money when you're in heaven.

Photos by Krissie.