26 August 2014

One Day. #bbloggers Summer Picnic

If anyone had been wandering through Hyde Park Corner Saturday morning they would have seen a gaggle of girls chatting, laughing and oohing and aahing over some delightful goodybags. The bloggers get together, organised by the lovely Candy Floss Cloud, was the perfect opportunity for me to meet some fellow bloggers on this side of the world. We chatted fashion, style, favourite stores and beauty products and then the usual topics that girls always shift to - boys, movies and plans for Saturday night! As the token Aussie in the group I was a fairly popular addition with stories of beaches, warm sunshine and kangaroos.

Rachel had gathered us all together to talk about the wonderful world of blogging and we all shared some helpful tips about our own experiences - it is like a full-time job after all! And as a bonus we got some wonderful goodybags with the latest beauty products. I was in heaven.

There were some goodies from Yves Rocher, Scent City, Face the Future, Time Bomb and Cocoa Brown. I am now feeling bronzed and moisturised with great nails, luscious lips and smelling great. I really enjoyed trying all the products, especially since most of them were brands I hadn't encountered before. My beauty cabinet is complete!

Photos by Krissie.