14 May 2014

One Day. It's Magic

The dictionary's definition of magic is very ambiguous; "the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces". I like to think that magic is so much more than that because we refer to it in so many contexts: magicians, fairytales and stories, lucky events, feelings, a way of thinking, design and love - they can all be magical. When I was young, magic to me was just tricks; I used to be fascinated with magician shows on TV. Watching them saw someone in half, make them disappear or magically escape from some inescapable situation.

I had two profound experiences with magicians, both when I was under 10, that spurred on my fascination. One day at the local shopping centre there was a magic show and I was selected to be "made to disappear" in a box on stage. Looking back now I was pretty game to go up there because I'm sure my 8-year-old self would have totally believed the magic man and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to actually disappear! Anyway, I'm still here so things clearly went alright. I remember being in the box and then him opening the door but I couldn't see the audience any more and they couldn't see me (there must have been some sort of trap door in the back I'm guessing).

Another time at what I think was my 6th birthday, we had a magician come to the house [thanks Mum, it was an awesome birthday party]. I helped him make a concoction of tomato sauce and eggs and stir it around. He put a lid on it, gave it a shake, and low and behold a dove flew out. He also pulled a rabbit out of his top hat. I thought it was fantastic to have these lovely animals in my lounge room that seemed to appear from thin air [I think Mum was more concerned about the carpet!].

I'm not sure whether I believe that side of magic or not. The logical part in me says that it's all mind games and they are just very quick and clever with what they do. But the fantastical part of me wants to believe that magic actually is possible and in many different shapes and forms; whether it's a perfect sunny day, a lucky event, a shooting star or finding your one true love in this world of 7 billion people. Besides, if it's true that we only ever use 10% of our brain capacity, then who's to say we aren't all magic and we just haven't figured it out yet.

Photos via Pinterest.