14 January 2013

One Day. Time waits for no one

I’m beginning to think there just really aren’t enough hours in the day. Even when I’m relaxing I seem to run out of time (I know, how is that even possible?).

Work days are filled with work: mornings are spent getting ready, then work work work, then home to get un-ready (if you know what I mean), cook dinner, maybe watch some tv or a movie then off to bed. Not really much time left over in there to exercise, sun-bake, clean, sort or just chill-out.

Then on the other hand, a day of holiday is never long enough either! Firstly, half the morning is gone after you wake up from an [obligatory] leisurely sleep in, by the time you’ve dressed and had breakfast it’s virtually lunchtime (or maybe’s that just me). Throw in a sunbake, some relaxing reading, a beach walk and somehow it seems to be dinner time already.

I’m not sure what can be done about my dilemma, either I need to speak to the creator of the earth about his time-tabling issues, or I need to figure out how to successfully function on less than 8 hours sleep. Don’t think the latter is going to happen so I’ll get to work on my first option and get back to you.

Photo by Reema Moudgil.