20 October 2012

Suitcase. Travel [in] style

I guess you could say I’m a bit of discerning traveller – carry-on luggage = impossible, coach is so crowded and anything less than 4-star and I’ll probably unwittingly wrinkle my nose.

I’ve never been camping; the idea of going without a bathroom for several days in the wilderness, with all kinds of bug-friends sharing my sleeping bag gives me the creeps. I’ve not stayed in a hostel, to my way of thinking, spending some extra $$’s for a bit of decadence is a far-more worthy investment. The concept of backpacking makes me weary just thinking about it; the idea of carrying all your possessions around on your back sounds not only exhausting, but impossible. How could I possibly fit everything into a backpack? I have enough trouble getting my luggage under 20kgs for a week in Melbourne, not to mention the excess shopping I have when I return. So as much as I would be open to giving it a go, I honestly don’t think I could possibly do it!

The world of comfortable travel is much more my niche. There’s something so nice about a lovely hotel room; a wardrobe to hang your clothes, soaps and bathroom products (which I often pinch, I’ll admit), the option of buffet breakfast, cocktails by the pool, smiling concierges there to help you make plans, 1000-thread-count sheets to soothe your sun-drenched skin and multiple pillow sizes (if you’re like Goldilocks and I, and need to find one that’s justttt right!).

I understand that there are those of you who would say that camping and staying in a hostel is so much fun with your group of best friends, but wouldn’t it be just as good, if not fun-er in a hotel with some luxuries to play with? But if there’s someone who wishes to take me on an amazing weekend (not of the luxury kind) and change my mind I’m more than willing. Step right up!