6 October 2012

Eat Me. Café Andiamo Melbourne

This Melbourne trip I finally got around to eating in the iconic Degreaves Street. Degreaves is an eponymous Melbourne laneway opposite Flinders Street Station known for its café culture and shopping. The backstreet has been used in many an Australian film and television show. There are lots of cafés and restaurants to choose from. This time I found myself sitting at Café Andiamo after their menu caught my eye. All the cafés front onto a central seating strip down the alleyway. As I settled in for my coffee I felt like a true Melbournian. The place had such a great feel.

I ordered Strawberry Crepes for breakfast. I’m not normally a sweets-for-breakfast kind of gal, but I absolutely love crepes (although can’t stand pancakes). These ones were pretty darn perfect, perfectly thin and airy. They were served simply, with strawberries and vanilla ice cream, and not drowning in any syrup thank goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and the people watching that Degreaves offered. This is now on my favourites list, I’m looking forward to going back to try lunch and dinner. 5/5

Where: 26-28 Degraves Street, Melbourne 3000
Bookings: not necessary
Phone: (03) 9650 8060

Photo by Krissie.

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