5 September 2012

One Day. Forget me [not]

I was on my way to work last week when I was struck by brilliant inspiration. A really, really fantastic idea for my next blog story popped into my head. It truly was great! I would be writing it for you right now, only trouble is…. I forgot what it was!

This happens to me a lot, despite the fact that I pride myself on having a really great memory! It seems I have trouble remembering things that count at the time, like exam study, appointments or the aforementioned blog post, yet can always remember the things that AREN’T imperative. For example,

  • Movies! To this day I can still recite my favourite childhood movie, The Parent Trap – all two and a half hours of it! Want to see… “[American accent] Ok, found my duffle, now the question is, how do I get it out? I can do it, no I can’t… You must be new. How can you tell? Cause you didn’t know how to grab your duffel before the…” I’m sure you get the point. Other movies in my memory bank include; Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Sex and the City, Baby’s Day Out and Night at the Museum … So if you’re ever stuck without a TV I’d be happy to oblige, provided you like my collection.
  • Languages. I’m not sure if I have a total grasp of all the languages I ‘know’, or whether I’m just a great mimic, but either way I can remember an awful lot of them: French (I can actually speak this one nearly fluently), Japanese, German, Italian… For example, about fifteen years ago Leggo’s pasta sauce had an ad spoken completely in Italian… I know that ad! I have no idea what I’m saying, but I can tell you the whole 30second commercial.
  • Long and involved conversations. Not in a creepy, eavesdropping kind of way, but in a useful way [I think]. Want to know what was discussed at lunch/dinner/work meeting/gossip sesh? I can tell you the conversation verbatim.
 Ironic isn’t it, that I can store all these things in my head yet forget exam notes that I’ve drilled into my brain, people’s names (I’m a shocker) and my brilliant blog idea.

I’ll be sure to let you know if I remember what it was. I know it’s in there somewhere, I just have to find it!