12 September 2012

One Day. The devil’s assistant wears Prada?

I was watching The Devil Wears Prada last week, for what felt like the hundredth time, but boy do I love that movie. I think it’s one of the few produced these days that may stand the test of time. Who wouldn’t love the snarky Meryl Streep, endearing Stanley Tucci and of course the amazing fashion!? Which got me to thinking, it’s all very well for the editor of a fashion magazine to have an amazing designer wardrobe, but how do the others afford it? The assistants, writers, graphic designers and receptionists? How can they possibly tote a $3000 Balenciaga bag on a lowly fashion wage? And believe me, it is lowly. I interned a few of Australia’s major magazines this year and it seems it’s certainly not a career you turn to for the cash, unless of course you’re Anna Wintour.

I spent three weeks at Australia’s top magazine publishing house and in that time I doubt I saw a single item of clothing or accessory that would have been under triple digits (and plenty were in the quadruples!). By the end of the third week I was more interested in learning how they managed to have these amazing wardrobes than I was to observe the magazine office in general.

Earlier this year Harpers Bazaar staff revealed what was in their bag for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Their fashion assistant divulged that inside her Alexander Wang clutch (approx $600) was a Tiffany & Co. diary ($230) and a miu miu card holder ($180) amongst other delightful designer items. How do they do it? What do they give up in order to afford these things?

Food? I was beginning to think so since they all look like stick insects, but no it seems that whilst they may not eat an awful lot they do spend the $$’s on food. Each day the workers would return from expensive salad bars or sandwich cafes with gourmet delights. So no cash saved there.

Social outings? I doubt this one as well. I overheard several stories of nights at exclusive clubs, copious cocktails and extravagant parties. We all know these kinds of weekends don’t come cheap.

Rent? The jury is out on this one as obviously I couldn’t follow them home… But with the rental prices in Sydney I highly doubt they could be saving money in this area.

Donations from the mags? Whilst it seems there are some definite perks to working in a fashion office like beauty products, exclusive event invites and perhaps the occasional fashion item, I cannot see how their entire wardrobes could be provided by hand-outs.

So, the jury is out. Everyone at the mags looked immaculately luxurious each day, yet I have no idea how they do it. If you think you’ve figured it out please let me know, as you can see from my Must Haves I’ve got my eye on a few designer items myself. I just wish I had the budget.

Photo by Christian Louboutin.