20 March 2016

Style It. Birds Of A Feather

Having grown up living on a lake, I guess you could say I'm very used to all manner of wildlife. A bit of a bird watcher if you will. As a child I fed the ducks and watched swans hatch eggs in my backyard with wonder; amazed at how a fluffy, squeaky little grey thing could transform into a great majestic bird.

London's not short of wildlife either and when I took some crumbs to Hyde Park the other week, they all came a flocking. Literally. I could hear David Attenborough's iconic voice narrating the whole thing.

We were blessed with some magical clear skies that day; shooting in the sunshine is always a treat. If you find yourself with some spare time this weekend, then get yourself down to the park. After all, now that spring's here, it's officially picnic season. The best time of year.

And if you missed it, take a look at the video we shot the same day.

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Photos by Jessica Marano.