28 February 2016

Must Have. 7 Things Every Londoner Needs In Their Wardrobe

Being a Londoner means being prepared for anything. A business meeting across town. A torrential downpour. A last minute Friday-night date. A pack-up and go, jet-set weekend.

The eventualities in this city are endless. Living here I've learnt that you never know what a day may hold. That's why it's so important to have these 7 little items in your wardrobe...

The Knit | Chunky but still sophisticated, it needs to be warm AND stylish. Ready for work to weekends.

The Bag | You're not a true Londoner without some form of designer handbag. Right now the Chloe Drew is the item of choice.

The Dress | Forget black for now, in a city with this many grey skies you need some colour for a special occasion.

The Trench | It has to be Burberry. What else even comes close?

The Boots | Over the knee is the way to wear them. Pair with chic minis or skinny denim.

The Jeans | Skinny and dark-washed is the way to do it. Ready for date night drinks or Sunday shopping.

The Umbrella | Obviously an essential in a drizzly city. A hint of designer charm never goes astray.

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Photo by Krissie via retailers.