16 February 2015

One Day. Cirque de Soleil’s Kooza

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a fascination with the circus [and fairies, but that’s another story]. The whimsical nature of a travelling performance with flying trapeze artists, girls who could bend themselves in half [backwards mind you!] and hilarious clowns just tickled my fancy. Funny thing is that it took me 24 years to actually go and see a Cirque de Soleil show. But hooray because last week I did it! And the bonus was that it was at the famous Royal Albert Hall – double hooray!

I must say that for the 2 hour performance of Kooza I think I was holding my breath for at least 40 minutes of the show – which left in breathless [obvs], in raptures and a little bit giddy. To give you all the deets in short, it follows the story of a little boy who stumbles across another world full of intriguing and spectacular characters, before going on to get a treat of his own at the end… I’ll leave you to guess what that is.

I was nervous, the performers made my heart race and I spent a great deal of time with an “oh no they’re not going to….” expression on my face. But it was spectacular.

I saw tight-rope walkers who not only ran and leapt across the rope 8 metres up, but even rode a bicycle on it! I saw an acrobat perform extreme examples of strength on a stack of chairs that were equally high. Two men rode a spinning wheel of death (this was my fav and there are no words to describe it, you need to see it!). Not to mention the little pocket rockets who wore stilts 3 metres tall and proceeded to be flipped off a see-saw into triple somersaults then cooly landing on their feet stilts.

Like I said, breathless raptures.

My night at the circus has only further inspired me to see more shows. I think next might have to be a trip to Las Vegas to see Ka. I can’t wait.

Photos via Pinterest (forgive my lack of personal images, there were no cameras allowed in the show)