4 July 2014

Suitcase. My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Leavingggg on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.

That's all folks, I'm packed and ready to go [well if you can call it packed when half my stuff is spilling out of my suitcase because it won't fit]. Squeezing your life into 23kgs isn't as easy as I had hoped especially when you have as much stuff as I do! Who am I kidding I never thought it would be easy; when I go to Melbourne for a week I take 23kgs so what did I think I'd do for an indefinite trip to London? I mean honestly, my shoes alone probably weigh 20kgs and I just don't know what to do when it comes to choosing between my ever-faithful Steve Madden gladiator heels and my sparkly GUESS strappy sandals. What's a girl to do? Multiply that heart-wrenching choice by about 50 and you'll have something like the dilemma I'm facing.

When it comes to clothes and packing I sadly admit that I am a walking cliché - I always ponder my wardrobe thinking "closet full of clothes, nothing to wear...." but when it actually comes down to it I have waaaay too many choices - clearly evidenced by my clothes lack of ability to fit into my suitcase. Plus, adding to my [first-world] crisis is the fact that I have three weeks in France before I arrive in London where I'm sure there will be PLENTY of shopping to be done which means I need to leave space for that too! Sigh. This really is a problem and I only have 48 hours to solve it. If you have any advice feel free to dish below.

T minus 2 days.

Photo by Krissie.