6 September 2013

Beach Bag Must Haves for Summer

It's nearly here! And this new-found warmth in the air means only one thing... Beachtime! Growing up on the coast I have so many fond memories of days spent at the beach; riding my boogie board, building sandcastles and making friends with other kids in the water (as an only child this was a neccessity!).

So now that summer's coming again I thought I'd share with you my beach bag must haves for the season.

  • First you need a decent beach bag. I love my Billabong bag, it's plenty big enough to fit my towel, has a little zip pocket for valuables and soft rope straps that don't cut into your shoulders. You can shop it here
  • Next is a favourite bikini, of course! I'm loving neon colours as they compliment your tan.
  • Then some comfort necessities: a nice big towel and a beach pillow. I've had this little blow-up one for years and years. it's such a great idea and makes it so much easier to read your book!
  • Skin essentials include Reef tanning oil (there's nothing better than the coconut scent!) and some Burts Bees lip balm. Make sure you slather your lips because there's nothing worse than when they feel chapped from the sun.
  • Whatever book you currently have on the go, I love reading in the sunshine.
  • And finally your drink of choice, I vote coconut water, it makes everything seem tropical!

Here's to many happy beach days ahead! I kicked off my beach season a few weekends ago with a day at Fingal (above) and Byron Bay then last weekend I was at Noosa. Cheers to sunshine, salty hair, sandy toes and brown skin. Happy Beachin'!

Photos by Krissie