3 April 2013

Suitcase. Holiday Envy – brought to you by Facebook

I love to travel as much as the next person, in fact probably a lot more, but I certainly don’t get around to doing it more than once a year. Like any normal person I have a budget and time off study/work to contend with. But Facebook really isn’t helping my cause because lately, every time I log on and scroll through my news feed I’m faced with innumerable holidays being taken by friends, family and acquaintances alike. And they all seem to be in places evoking green-eye stares from me, like resort escapes in the Bahamas and Cabo, ski trips to Whistler and sightseeing ventures through Europe. Oh how I wish I could join in on all of them.

Sadly, it’s just not that simple… although it seems it is for some. It has been brought to my jealous attention, largely through Facebook, that it seems not everyone shares my holidaying constraints. There is a particular group of people I know who surely take more holidays than they do work. They are off travelling to exotic islands, bright-light cities and historic towns for literally months at a time before coming back to ‘work’ and then 2 weeks later they are off again. I just don’t get it.
How. Do. They. Do. It?

It has gotten to the point where logging onto Facebook is actually making me depressed rather than making my day go faster by passing spare time (not that I have an awful lot, read here). Not to mention, every time I see a new holiday post I end up spending hours looking through pictures, researching the place and daydreaming about planning my own holiday there.

I would love a job with the title “traveller”, that’s it, just me getting to explore the world as full-time employment. Of course I would write about it too so I don’t feel lazy. Imagine all the stories I’d have to tell! In the meantime I guess I’ll just have to ‘keep on workin’ and snatch some travel time where I can.  

Photo by Sarah Hughes.

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