21 November 2012

Suitcase. Jetlag

Ok, I admit it, there is such a thing as jetlag. I’m not all that experienced in the world of international travelling, however in 2007 I did go through 6 time zones in 3 weeks without any trouble (or loss of sleep) – this time, not so much. After being awake travelling for 36 hours I thought surely I would drop off into the land of dreams last night – no such luck.

It was 11pm eastern and, for this zombie, it was time for bed. I snuggled in and drifted off but 1 hour later I woke feeling as though I’d been given half a dozen red bulls and had pokers placed in my eyes. My brain was clearly asking me what I was doing trying to sleep, when at home it was still lunchtime. To make matters worse I was so tired my mind was creating all kinds of deliriums to torture me, I kept thinking I had multiple beds for various time zones that I would have to wake up and shift to throughout the night. I know, makes absolutely no sense as I write it down now, but last night I could have sworn it was a reality.

After 8 hours of fitful dozing it was time to get up again. I’ve just munched on breakfast and I can tell today is going to be a longggg day, but I get to pass the time by exploring Charlotte and from what I can see already it looks like a great place. There are autumn leaves everywhere which is so nice to see coming from Queensland which has absolutely no ‘seasonal changes’. Here’s hoping by tonight I can adjust to my new time zone and get some shuteye.